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Alexa Fluor® 660 anti-human CD314 (NKG2D)

Product group: Primary
Monoclonal/ Polyclonal: Monoclonal
Clone: 1D11
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1
Conjugation Type: Conjugated
Conjugate: Alexa Fluor® 660
Lightchain type: Kappa
Reactivity: Human
General notes: Concentration:Lot-specific\nShipping: Room Temperature\nRestriction:Research use only.\nAvailablitiy:7 Days.\nWeight:<.05Kg.
Storage: 2°C-8°C
Gene synonyms: NKG2D, KLR, NKG2-D, CD314
UNSPSC code: 12352203

Alexa Fluor® 660 anti-human CD314 (NKG2D) 1D11 25 tests (Shipping Cost: €40.00)

Alexa Fluor® 660 anti-human CD314 (NKG2D)

Alternative names:

Gene Aliases: NKG2D, KLR, NKG2-D, CD314