About AntiBodyChain

AntiBodyChain is the ultimate destination for all medical lab supplies needs. We take pride in being the leading marketplace for reagents, chemicals, biologicals, and related products. At AntiBodyChain, we provide two essential services that cater to your unique requirements.

We specialize in the distribution of specific brands, ensuring access to top-quality products from trusted manufacturers. Discover a world of possibilities with AntiBodyChain as we strive to empower your scientific endeavors with the finest supplies and cutting-edge solutions.


With over 20 million products, the AntiBodyChain store is one of the largest resources on the web, where you can search, order and purchase medical lab supplies from over 30 suppliers. We have excellent customer service and our scientists are available to help you with all your questions!

We find all the products you want

For all your required medical lab products, which you do not have in your own catalog, we offer the possibility to search and purchase these products for you. These products are not necessarily from our regular suppliers. The big advantage of this service is that you do not have to burden your administrative process with the initiation of a new, often one-off product in your catalog. We can also find scarce products for you.

Partners and clients

There are various parties that use our products and services. We supply institutions such as Lund University, The Rockefeller University and Yangzhou University, medical centers such as University Medical Center Utrecht, Hamilton Health Sciences, Universitätsklinikum Mannheim and pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer Healthcare LLC, Merck & Co. inc. and Amgen.


Our DNA consists of medical- and IT technology and service orientation. Because of this you will experience the best service and logistics of lab products. We look forward to also providing your organization with the best service and logistics when it comes to medical lab supplies.

Innovation in your lab

Researchers and buyers often search through search engines for the medical supplies they need. Of course you have regular suppliers to choose from, but what if all medical lab supplies available worldwide were on one platform? A platform where you can get the best quality, price and delivery conditions of the different products in a row. You compare and choose!

Eqilence the organization behind AntiBodyChain, medical lab supplies, has invented the S-DAS for this purpose. S-DAS allows organizations to comply with the European Procurement Law and to select the medical lab supplies that suit your needs. It is a data platform. With your license, an unlimited number of employees of your organization have access to the platform. In addition, S-DAS connects perfectly to your applications with the S-DAS middleware. Sign up for a 1: 1 demo on the website of Eqilence.

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