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PeliPair: Human cytokine Elisa reagent set

PeliPair is a set of basal ELISA reagents for the design of enzyme immunoassays to quantify human cytokines in cell culture s0upernatants.

Article number M9316
Product group Cytokines Immune reagents
Technique ELISA reagent set


PeliPair is a set of basal ELISA reagents for the design of enzyme immunoassays to quantify human cytokines in cell culture supernatants.

Unlock the Potential of Your Research with the PeliPair ELISA Reagents set

In the dynamic field of immunology research, accurate quantification of human cytokines in cell culture supernatants is paramount. PeliPair is your comprehensive solution, offering a meticulously designed set of basal ELISA reagents tailored for the development of enzyme immunoassays. Whether you’re investigating inflammatory responses, immune system disorders, or pioneering new treatments, PeliPair empowers your research with reliability and precision.

Key Features of PeliPair:

Precision-Driven Design: Each component within the PeliPair kit is optimized to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and sensitivity in your assays, allowing for the precise quantification of human cytokines in complex biological matrices.

Flexibility for Your Research: PeliPair’s versatile nature makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from basic research to more advanced studies involving cytokine profiling and drug development.

Streamlined Protocol: Simplify your workflow with a protocol that’s been refined for ease of use, ensuring reproducible results across different experiments and laboratory settings.

Compatibility and Convenience: PeliPair is designed to be compatible with a broad spectrum of cell culture supernatants, reducing the need for extensive sample preparation and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your research.

By integrating the PeliPair human cytokine Elisa reagent set into your laboratory, you’re not just conducting experiments; you’re paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries and innovations in the field of immunology. Trust PeliPair to deliver the precision and reliability your research deserves.

Contents of the Reagents Set

This Pelipair Reagent Set contains material sufficient for at least 1824 tests (19 plates).

Component No.of vials Volume Cap colou
Coating antibody 5 375 μl Red
Standard 5 information on vial
Biotinylated antibody 5 375 μl Yellow

Precautions for use

1) The PeliPair Reagent Set is intended for research purposes only.
2) Only use the reagents supplied with the kit. Never mix reagents from different kit lots.
3) Handle all plasma and serum samples with care to prevent transmission of blood-borne infections.
4) Sodium azide will inactivate HRP, so do not use sodium azide-containing solutions, nor add sodium azide to the reagents.
5) We advise the use of NUNC MAXISORP microtiter plates. The supplied reagents have only been tested and approved for use on this
brand of microtiter plates. The efficacy on other types of microtiter plates is not guaranteed.
6) Centrifuge all vials before use (1 min at 3000 x g).
7) Wells should not stand uncovered or allowed to dry between incubation steps.

Storage and Stability

hemostasis analysis

The Pelipairs ELISA Reagents Set should be stored between –18°C to -32°C.

The performance of the reagents is guaranteed until the expiration date shown on the labels.

Liquid or freeze-dried standard (kit dependent), should be stored frozen after use ( -18° to -32°C, preferably < -70°C).

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