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Celebrating Over a Decade of Partnership: Advancing Global Health with Essange/ Sanquin Reagents

We are proud to celebrate over 10 years of collaboration with Essange Reagents solidifying our role as their global distributor and preferred partner. This enduring partnership highlights our commitment to advancing biomedical research and diagnostics through the provision of high-quality immune reagents and innovative solutions.

In October 2022, Sanquin Reagents B.V. became independent and continues under a new tradename: Essange Reagents. Essange Reagents co-works with the units Sanquin Research & Labservices and Sanquin Diagnostic Services B.V.

Essange Reagents’ IgG subclass reagents and most CD monoclonal antibodies, used for diagnostic purposes, have been extensively documented and meet the requirements of the IVDD. The Technical Documentation includes detailed product descriptions, stability data, validations, and descriptions of the quality management system.

Our extensive network and logistical capabilities facilitate the seamless delivery of these premium immune reagents. As a preferred partner, we maintain the highest standards of service and support, fostering trust and reliability among our clients.

Essange Reagents are produced in accordance with ISO 13485 and EN ISO 13485 certifications, underscoring their commitment to quality and regulatory compliance.

Through this long-standing collaboration, we aim to accelerate innovation in life sciences and healthcare, empowering researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries. We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with Essange Reagents and Sanquin, working together to improve global health and well-being.

laboratory products
Essange Reagents Sanquin

Immune reagents

M1895 PeliClass human IgG Subclass Plus kit

This kit is designed to quickly and accurately measure different types of human IgG antibodies (IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, and IgG4).

M1891 PeliClass sheep anti human IgG1

Backed by meticulous fractionation, our sheep anti-human IgG subclass sera eliminate unwanted subclasses.

M1892 PeliClass sheep anti human IgG2

The nephelometric assessment of IgG2 concentrations in serum is grounded in a targeted interaction with a monospecific anti-IgG subclass antiserum.

M1893 PeliClass latex sheep anti human IgG3

This kit ensures specificity through refined fractionated sheep anti-human IgG subclass sera, absorbed to eliminate unwanted subclasses.

M1894 PeliClass latex sheep anti human IgG4

IgG4 quantification relies on a turbidimetric approach with latex reagents coated in highly avid anti-IgG subclass antibodies, enhancing sensitivity.

MW1939 Antibody pair anti-human VWF propeptid

Quantitative Analysis Kit for VWF Propeptide in Vascular Disorders, von Willebrand Disease, and Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome (with Protocol)

M2910 MabTrack level Adalimumab

MabTrack Adalimumab ELISA: A quick, precise method for measuring free adalimumab levels in human plasma and serum.

M2920 MabTrack level Infliximab

MabTrack is an ELISA for rapid, reliable, and precise quantification of infliximab-containing pharmaceuticals in human plasma and serum..

M2032 Streptavidin poly‐HRP, 1mL

Streptavidin conjugated to Poly-Horseradish Peroxidase enhances detection in biochemical assays through its strong affinity for biotin, useful in research and diagnostics.

M9316 PeliPairTM human cytokine Elisa reagent set

PeliPair: Precision ELISA Reagents for Human IL‐6 antibodies for ELISA, Cytokine Quantification in Cell Culture Supernatants.

M2950 MabTrack ADA adalimumab

The MabTrack ADA adalimumab ELISA detects antibodies against adalimumab in plasma and serum,

M2960 MabTrack ADA infliximab

MabTrack ADA infliximab ELISA rapidly and specifically detects antibodies against infliximab in human plasma and serum.

M1916 PeliKine compact human IL-6 kit, 288 tests

The PeliKine compact IL-6 ELISA kit offers a rapid and accurate method for measuring IL-6 levels in biological samples.

M1980 PeliKine Tool set 1

The Pelikine-Tool set enhances Sanquin’s / Essange Reagents Pelikine-compact ELISA kits by providing essential ready-made chemicals and solutions, ensuring high-quality, error-free results.

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