PeliKine Tool set 1- additional reagents for application in PeliKine-compact ELISA kits

The Pelikine-Tool set complements the Pelikine-compact ELISA kits, providing essential chemicals and solutions to ensure high-quality ELISA results, saving time and reducing errors.

Article number M1980
Product group Cytokines Immune reagents
Technique ELISA

General information

The Pelikine-Tool set has been developed to complement Sanquin’s / Essange Reagents successful line of Pelikine-compact ELISA kits. The latter have been designed to combine the ease of a ready-to-use kit with the economy of a do-it-yourself assay. Thus, the user of our Pelikine-compact kits only has to make a few simple buffer solutions and ELISA reagents. The Pelikine-Tool set contains the chemicals and solutions to be used in the Pelikine-compact kits: coating and washing buffers, as well as substrate and stop solutions. Now you are certain of high quality solutions, to obtain optimal ELISA results and by using these ready-made components, you save time and prevent mistakes as well.

The Pelikine-Tool set: to make most out of your Essange Reagents/ Sanquin Pelikine-compact ELISA kits!

Storage and stability

The Pelikine-Tool set should be stored at 2-8°C. The performance of the kit is guaranteed until the expiration date shown on the box label.

Package contents

The Pelikine-Tool set contains material sufficient for one Pelikine-compact kit (288 tests), reagents provided are:




1 bottle

coating buffer capsules

for 3 x 100 ml buffer 3 pcs

1 bottle 

PBS tablets

for 3 x 200 ml buffer 3 pcs

2 bottles

Washing buffer

20-fold concentrated 2 x 50 ml

1 bottle

TMB substrate solution

ready-for-use 40 ml

1 bottle

Stop solution (0.18 M H2SO4)

ready-for-use 40 ml


1) The Pelikine-Tool set is intended for research purposes only.

2) Only use the reagents supplied with the set, do not mix reagents from different kit lots.

3) Do not add any preservative to the supplied reagents, they may have direct or indirect effects on the final colour development of the HRP-substrate system.

4) The washing buffer contains merthiolate (0.001 % w/v).

5) Do not expose the TMB substrate solution to strong light during incubation or storage. The TMB substrate solution must be colourless when used; if the solution turns blue, it must be replaced.

6) TMB substrate solution or stop solution should not be in contact with metals or metal ions, to avoid unwanted colour formation.

Additional materials required

– Distilled or deionized water.

– Beakers, flasks, cylinders necessary for preparation (and storage) of prepared buffers.

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